27th Generation

124. Lionel Robert Wilberforce was born on 18 April 1861. He died on 1 April 1944 at the age of 82. 1)Lionel Robert, Prof. of Physics in Liverpool University; Demonstrator, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, 1890, University Lecturer in Physics, Cambridge, 1900, Prof. Physics, Liverpool University, 1900, Prof. Emeritus 1935; born 18th April, 1861, educated London Internat. Coll. and Trinity College, Cambridge, (M.A.) married 13th August, 1891, Margaret (died 20th February, 1920), daughter of Rev. William Raynes, and d.s.p. 1st April, 1944 (L G Pine)
Born in Munich - E Wilberforce

Chadwick’s predecessor at Liverpool was Lionel Wilberforce, a former research colleague of J. J.Thomson. In addition to a wide knowledge of walks and climbs in the Lake District, Wilberforce was an expert with the diabolo. This Victorian toy, which comprises two cones joined at the tips, can be spun, tossed and caught on a string attached to two sticks, one in each hand. An eyewitness once reported him standing on the lecture bench, using his diabolo to demonstrate principles of dynamics,
much as Professor Taylor-Jones used to do at Glasgow University, seated on a rotating stool! - Dr Harry Stout.

Lionel Robert Wilberforce and Margaret Raynes were married on 13 August 1891. Margaret Raynes died on 20 February 1929.