28th Generation

117. Henry Edward Wilberforce was born on 27 August 1847. Henry Edward, of the Probate Office, born 27th August, 1847, educated Oratory School, and Stonyhurst, married 29th April, 1885, Emily Mary (died 13th August, 1951, aged 100), third daughter of Robert Sadleir Moody, of Little Malvern, Worcs. and died 30th August, 1938, having had issue. (L G Pine)
Secrfetary to the Earl Marshal (RFW)

Emily Mary Moody was born in 1852. She died on 13 August 1951 at the age of 99.

Henry Edward Wilberforce and Emily Mary Moody had the following children:



Henry Ambrose Wilberforce was born in 1886.



Robert Francis "Bob of Bath" Wilberforce CBE.



John Michael Wilberforce was born on 8 October 1892. He died on 29 April 1894 at the age of 1.



Agnes Barbara Mary Wilberforce was born on 10 March 1890. She died on 27 September 1965 at the age of 75.