20th Generation

50. Robert Wilberfoss2,3 signed a will on 20 March 1637 in Proved at York 7 April 1638. He died in March 1638 in Wilberfosse, Yorks. He was born in Wilberfosse, Yorks. Mentioned in his father's will 1584. Buried at Wilberfosse 31 Mar 1638.

Roger and Margaret had issue,
1.Edward, 18 years old in 1584.
2.Robert, the successor to Wilberfoss.

The second son,

Robert Wilberfoss of Wilberfoss who signed the Visitation of 1612, m. Anne, daughter of Thomas Burland of Stockton, Yorks. and had issue, to succeed him at Wilberfoss, a son Roger. Robert’s will was proved 7 April 1638. He died about 1640. His name begins the pedigree of the family in Dugdale’s Visitation of Yorkshire, 1665/6. He had issue,

1.Roger, of whom presently.
1.Dorothy, m. Richard Cobb of Full Sutton, Yorks.
2.Elizabeth, m. William Williamson, of Mewton, Yorks.
3.Anne, m. Thomas Cooper, of Barnby, Yorks.

The eldest son,

Roger Wilberfoss, of Wilberfoss, b. 1596, m. firstly, Margaret Althorpe, of Kilpin (d.s.p. 1 March 1630). He m. secondly, Margaret daughter of John Agar, of Stockton, and died, (will proved 27th May, 1662) having had with other issue,
1.Roger, born 1634, married Anne, daughter of William Plaxton, of Pocklington, and had issue,
Roger, born 1657; died 1665.
2.Robert, of whom presently.
3.William, married Hesther Smiht of Barnby.
1.Anne, married 1667, William Horsley, of Beckhouse.
2.Margaret, married 1667, Peter Pilkington.

The second son,
Robert Wilberfoss, of Wilberfoss, born 1638, married 21st August, 1662, Emmet, daughter of Simon Newlove, of Wetwang, East Riding, Yorks. and died 1684 (will proved 20th September), when he was s. by his son.

William Wilberfoss, of Wilberfoss, born 1663, married 1684, Margaret Lazenby, and died 1709 (will proved 27th August,) having had, with other issue, a son,

Robert Wilberfoss, the last of Wilberfoss (will proved 1st December, 1737), who sold the estate of Wilberfoss to the family of Wright of Bolton, in 1710, married
Martha ------, and had, with other issue, a son,

William Wilberfoss, of Menthorpe and Foggathrepe, E.R. Yorks, born 1705, married 1736, Anne Freeman, of Menthorpe, He died 1774, and was succeeded by his on,

Robert Wilberfoss, of Menthorpe, born 1740, married 1770, Jane Wharres, of Wetwang, and died 1800, having had, with other issue,

1.Thomas, of whom presently.
2.John, of Rotsea, Yorks.
1.Deborah, married Henry Robson.
2.Anne, married David Holtby, of Elmswell, E.R. Yorks.

The eldest surv. son,

Thomas Wilberfoss, of Menthorpe, born 1771, married Jane, daughter of Matthew Blakeston, of Elmswell Hull, Yorks, and died 1830, having had issue,

1.Thomas of whom presently.
1.Jane, born 1816, m. 4th Sept. 1835, William Henry Ball, of Fortington Hall, E.R. Yorks. (see Wilberforce-Bell of Fortington Hall). She died 7th July 1888 having had issue. He died 13th March, 1852.
2.Elizabeth, married Thomas Wheatley, of Sledmere Castle, Yorks. The only son,

Thomas Wilberfoss of Wetwang House, born 12th May, 1818, married 30th April, 1840, Elizabeth, daughter of Leonard Clarkson, of Huggate Lodge, Yorks, and died 15th January, 1892, having had issue,

1.Thomas Clarkson, born 29th January, 1848. d.s.p. 1900
2.Robert, of Wellington, New Zealand, b. 4th March, 1853 m. Alice, daughter of William Henry Milward of Liverpool, and died August 1928, having had issue,
1.Robert Roger, of Days Bay, Wellington, N.Z. served in N.Z. Expdny Force during World War I; b. 10th October, 1889, m. 7th April, 1923, Maizie, daughter of Robert Alexander Lemon, of Wellington, N.Z. (Mr. R.R. Wilberfoss is now dead 1953).
2.Thomas William Clarkson, served in N.Z.E.F. in World War I; born 24th Sept. 1895, m. 17 Nov. 1919, Edith Gwendoline (319, The Avenue, Wanganui, N.Z.) daughter of Arthur Stratton, of Alton Priors, Wilts and died 20th November, 1935, leaving issue,
Robert Stratton, born 10th January, 1928.
Jane, born 11th December, 1922.
1.Doris Jane, born 1888.
3.William, born 22nd November, 1855, married 1902, Mary, daughter of Robert Holtby, of Elmswell Hall, d.s.p. 8th Jan. 1942.
4.George Blakeston, born 27th February, 1857, d.s.p. 1928.
1.Sophia Elizabeth, born 17th May, 1854, married 31st July, 1908, Arthur Bottril, of Garton.
2.Louisa Jane, born 9th January, 1859; died 1907.

Arms. – Arg. an eagle displayed sable, beaked and legged gules.
Residence. Days Bay. Wellington, N.Z.

We may return for a moment to Jane Wilberfoss, daughter of Thomas Wilberfoss, daughter of Thomas Wilberfoss of Wetwang, mentioned above. She was born in 1815; married 4th September, 1833, at Wetwang, William Henry Bell of Portington and Drypool Alderman of Kingston-upon-Hull (1836). He was born 18th March 1802 and died 13th March, 1852 (buried at Drypool). Jane died 7th February, 1888, having had issue,

William Henry Ball and Jane Wilberfoss had issue five sons and four daughters, of whom two sons, (Wilberfosse and Reginald Henry) and two daughters (Jane and Elizabeth) died in infancy. Two other daughters (Clara and Agnes Adela) died unmarried. the remaining three sons, Frederic Wilberfosse, Alfred Wilberfosse and Harold Wilberforce-Bell all married. Frederic died without issue, but Alfred may have had a family in Australia. The third son,

Harold Wilberfosse Bell, a Military Knight of Windsor, Captain late 15th King 8s Hus., served in 2nd Afghan War 1879-80, and in Transvaal 1881, being present at the notion of Laingsnek. He assumed by deed poll the additional surname of Wilberforce. He was born 15th January 1849, married 23rd December, 1884, Lucy (died 30th May, 1934), daughter of the Rev. Frederick Wilson, D.D., Vicar of Sledmere, E.Yorks, and died 22nd August, 1927 having had with other issue,

Sir Harold Wilberforce-Bell, K.C.I.E. (1938), of Portington Hall, Yorks, Lord of the Manors of Portington and Eastrington, D.L., and J.P. E.R. Yorks, and City and Co. of Kingston-upon-Hull, Lt. Col. I.A., late The Connaught Rangers, served in World War I 1914-19 with 1st (King George’s own) Gurkha Rifles, Assist.Mil.Sec.to C-in-C India, 1918-19, Dep.Sec.Pol.Dept.Gov.of India 1930, Res. for Punjap States 1934-9, born 17th Nov. 1885, educated Ellesmere College and Pembroke College, Oxford, m. 18th April, 1912, Margaret Vere, daughter of Captain Michael Morton Metcalfe Festing, formerly 20th Regiment.

Sir Harold Wilberforce-Bell re-purchased Portington Hall (which had been sold on the death of his grandfather) in 1926.

2.Reginald Herbert, served in World War I, Lieut. 105th Fus. (Canadian Forces) and in 28th Bn. Canadian Expdny. Force; born 19th July, 1887, died 26th January, 1916, from effects of concussion resulting from the explosion of an enemy mine at Kemmel in Flanders.
3.Percy Frederick, M.C., Captain late C.O. Royal West Kent Regiment, served in World War I, 1914-19 (despatched twice, severely wounded war awarded M.C. for gallant Service at Mons, was in fact recommended for V.C.; Court Circular 24th March, Times of 25th March, 1915). and in Afghan Expdn. 1919; Mil.Sec. and A.D.C. to Isles, 1924-25; served in World War II, 1939-45, with Royal Pioneer Corps (Windmill Bank House, Banbury), born 26th September, 1888, married 6th October, 1924, Muriel Mary, widow of E.S.Holland, of Eydon Hall, Northants, and youngest daughter of Charles Windsor J.P.
1.Madeline Lucy, died unmarried, 30th September, 1919, of illness contracted when serving in a military Hospital during World War I.
2.Phyliss Dorothy (Ladies’ Park Club)
3.Daphne, married 19th September, 1914, John Nevile Chaworth-Musters, D.S.O., T.D., of Annesley Park, Notts. (see that family in Burke’s Landed Gentry).- BLG

Anne Burland was born.