Seventeenth Generation

25. Christopher Wilberfoss1 died in July 1534. CHRISTOPHER WILBERFOSS, of Wilberfoss, sent to York Assize Court and later imprisoned for failing to deface the rood screen in Kirby Underdale Church.

Christopher’s will was proved 18th July, 1534. The will is given in the Surtees Society Publications, volume 106 (1902) and is here set forth in the original spelling.

“IN Dei. Nomine, Anon. In the yere of our Lord God 1533, the 12th day of February, I Cristofer Wilberfosse, Gentelman, with a hool mynd make my last will. First, I wit my soll to Almyghtie Go, and to his blissaid moder our lady Sanete Marie, and to all the celestiall Company of Hevyn, and my body to be beried within the Kirke of Sancte John Baptiste, in Wilberfosse. Item. I wit to my Lady prioress ofWilberfosse 6s.8d. for to pray for my soll. Item I wit to her susters 2.4d. for to syng dirige in the abbaye for my soll. Item I wit to Sir John Waite for to say a masse in the fyre woundes and dirige 8d. Item I wit to Sir John Burton my curate 8d. and for his labor 6d. Item I wit to William Overende for the helthe of my soll 10s. for to sing a trentall of Sancte Gregorio. Item I wit to the mendyng of the organs for the mayneteynyng of God’s service 4s. Item I wit to William Wilberfosse my son a Cownter, my greatest brasse pot, a Flaundres Chiste, a cisterne of leede and a pare of malt whernes, whiche war bequeathed by my fader to be implements for ever, and also a dunned horse of 4 yeares olde and he to gif to Henry my sone 6s.8d. Also I gif to my sone William my violet gowne and my chamlett dublett. Item I wit to Roger my sone my secunde gretest bras potte with my best horse, saddell and bridal, sworde and buckler, and he to gif to Edwarde, Thomas and Dorothe my childer to every one of theme 6s. and 8d. Item I wit to John Roberts and Henry Wilberfosse my sones to every one of them a baslard or else 16d. in money. Item I gif to Roberte my son 3s.4d. over and besides his porcon. Item I wit to William my son a jacke a salett, 7 chymes, a gorgett of male and a halbert. Item I bequeath that my son and heire gyve yerely to my suster Margarete during her live on lood of haye towards the fynddyng of her cattall. Item I gif to Elsabeth my daughter on cowe, my best broked faced whie, 6 yong cattall, 5 yowes and 5 lames too mattresses and all that belongith to too bedes and a horse. Item I wit to Alicie my suster a brokyd faced whie of 2 yeres old. Item I gif to Roger my son a salett a Halberte, a corset of whit harness, a fold of male and a part of Splentes. Item I gif to John my son 40s. in money and a litte jacke over and besides his porcon. Item I gif to Roberte my sone a pare of Briganders with the reversion of a folde of male and an olde gorgeth, Item I wit to Anne my wif on amblynge fille, 12 punds in money to be paid by my heires out of my landes in Wilberfosse by the spacie of sex yeres, 40s. by evyn porcons, that is to say, at the feste of Sancte John Baptiste 20s. and the feste of Sancte Andrew the Apostell, 20s., in full recompense for hir thirds of my said landes, this and all other that is my dettes to be takyn and paid of my hoole porcons of goods. Item I will and order Anne my wif and Elizabeth my daughter to be full executrices of this last will, and the residue ofall my goos unwitt. I gyve to Anne my wif and Elizabeth my daughter to dispose of my soll helthe as they thinke best. Also if my said prooon will not extende to fulfil this, my will, and pay my dettes, then I will that the residue of my dettes to be paid by my hoole goodes. Also I make my consyng Robert Wilberfosse, gentilman, William Burdon, Clerke, and Robert Dawtre, Gentilman, supervisors of this my will, and everyon of them to have for ther labor 2s. Thies being – witnesses, William Jebson, Gentilman, Robert Symsdon, yoman, sir John Burton, my curate, Roberty Herlyng, John Talbot, Thomas Alde, with other mee.
- L G Pine

Anne Browne was born.

Christopher Wilberfoss and Anne Browne had the following children:



William Wilberfoss.



John Wilberfoss (private).



Edward Wilberfoss (private).



Henry Wilberfoss (private).



Roger Wilberfoss (private).



Robert Wilberfoss (private).



Dorothy Wilberfoss (private).



Elizabeth Wilberfoss (private).



Thomas Wilberfoss (private).